Our Services

We offer a wide range of services for businesses and individuals and our experience in support ensures you get the most reliable and cost effective support and solution. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange a visit or setup a remote session over the phone.

Support and services at a glance

º Workstation support, repair and software training
º Full server support, installation and maintenance including Server 2008
º Workstation and server back-up solutions including off-site
º EPOS systems supported
º Wired and wireless network installation including cabling and cabinets
º Ad-hoc and SLA support available
º 24/7 support available
º Microsoft Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, Sage and Milestone are just a few of the applications we support - the list grows daily and we always will support previously unseen applications with enthusiam and efficiency
º Tailored anti-virus and anti-spam solutions from a range of providors to suit your needs
º Resonable prices and no call-out charges for Llandrindod and Howey
º Service and repairs to projectors including complete servicing making your projector perform like new again.
º Fully CRB / DBS checked
º Laptop repairs including hardware upgrade (RAM and processor upgrades plus Solid State Drive upgrades) and repairs (for example cracked screen replacement or a new keyboard).